How It All Works

We give 50% commissions to our referrals, Just tell your friends, family, website visitors and social media followers about R3esolution Infotech Hosting and send them your referral link. You can also create banners for your Blog and websites to promote our Hosting. Whenever someone joins our Hosting through your link. You will be rewarded up to 80% of commission.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

We are offering best opportunities that will much easy for your that our affiliate program doesn't require you to work 24 Hours. It means you just need to work smarter. You have many options to promote our affiliate links.

  1. Adding a banner to your website or a blog.
  2. You can refer your clients or your friends and ask them to buy hosting through your link.
  3. You can use PPC advertising to drive traffic to a landing page where our affiliate link is placed.
  4. You can also share on your social pages communities where you have followers

That's it. Doesn't it seem easy? Then why are you waiting for? Join our affiliate program to starting earning a huge amount.

Generating Commissions

While using our affiliate program you can generate the commission of 80% on each sale you made through your affiliate link. You can earn up to 50$ - 500$ per month or even a single day.

Reliable Tracking

It is much easier to track your sales using our Affiliate Program. We will provide you with each click and sales made through your links on your Dashboard.

Automated Management

Your business will save your time and money by having your web systems automated. Whether it’s wireless, or any computer technology or custom systems, with automated-managed services, you are always online and under the control.

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