Choose your hosting type based on your business Apparently, both the Internet and technology has revolutionized our world right from education to... E-Book on How to Code in Python 3 This is a simple and practical way of learning ‘How to Code in Python 3’ for beginners. It can... How Businesses Can Benefit with Managed Web Hosting Business owners today have several options when it comes to choosing a web hosting platform for... How Can You Change PHP Version in cPanel? Login to your cPanel account. Then in the software section, you must click on the "PHP Manager... How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Provider Selection of the right hosting service to host one’s website is a tough work. One must keep many... How To Convert Add-On Domain to a Primary cPanel Domain Do you wish to convert the add-on domain to a primary cPanel domain? It can be done quickly and... How To Create A Business Resiliency Strategy Using Data Center Partners And Cloud According multiple studies, the expenditure of outage that affects efficacy and performance of... How To Install And Configure Mysql Cluster On Centos Objective of MySQL cluster is to enable high availability and reduced latency to databases that... How To Keep Your Computer System Protected From WannaCry Ransomware The WannaCry Ransomware attack that happened on 12 May, 2017 was the first of its kind that was... How To Move Users And Domains To My Private Server? Most users do not choose the option to move their website and users to VPS when they place their... How To Reduce Page Load Speed With The Help Of Web Hosting? Web hosting has been the most ignored aspects for improving page load speed of web sites. In... How To Take the First Steps Towards Deep Learning Deep Learning is a developing topic in the domain of AI or Artificial Intelligence and is being... How do I Connect Using SSH Putty? PuTTY is used for making SSH connection to a server. It is essentially a free software... How do I upgrade my hosting? What is hosting?   Hosting is the business of serving and maintaining files for web sites. An... How to Access your Reseller Linux Hosting Package There are many ways of managing and accessing your reseller Linux hosting package. One of the... How to Become a Successful Reseller Web Hosting Business? Reseller web hosting business is profitable for both the reseller as well as the hosting service... How to Build a Modern Data Center? Modern data center design should focus on catering to escalating demands of modern businesses in... How to Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin is becoming more popular each day. In case you wish to purchase Bitcoins, you should... How to Change Host Name in Ubuntu 16.04 You may want to change the default hostname in Ubuntu16.04 for various reasons. It is not a... How to Change Your SSH Port into CentOS 7 It is believed that changing SSH port number in CentOS 7 will actually improve its security... How to Check Before Migrating to the Cloud As more and more businesses are adopting cloud computing technologies for better growth, it is... How to Configure an OpenSSH Client on a Linux Server? Cyber hijacking has become more usual nowadays for the businesses. OpenSSH chips in to keep... How to Create New Forums When you wish to create a new forum for the PhpBB board users there are some steps to follow.... How to Create Your Blog Constructing your own blog will enable you to promote your services and products online. It is an... How to Create a Database in MySQL In creating a database on MySQL, all commands must be entered through prompts. A visual interface... How to Create a VPN Server on Your Windows Computer without Installing Any Software It is possible to create VPN servers on Windows without having to set up software for this.... How to Create an FTP Account You will need to create an FTP account to be able to upload files and manage files on your site.... How to Differentiate Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting Shared and VPS hosting are two different types of server hosting options that most server hosting... How to Differentiate Between a Web Server and Web Host If you are trying to differentiate between a web server and web host, here a few points that can... How to Distinguish Pros and Cons of Colocation Server? More and more businesses consider outsourcing their IT infrastructure as it helps them focus on... How to Enable configuration of SSH on VPS via WHM As we all are aware of the fact that the Internet is one of the most popular and quick responsive... How to Get Ready Your Business ERP Solution with GST Facility? GST (Goods and Services Tax), introduced on July 1, 2017, is the biggest tax reform witnessed by... How to Host a Minecraft Server Minecraft is an independent video game developed by Markus "Notch" Person, which allow users to... How to Identify Hosting Provider It may become necessary to identify your hosting provider when you have forgotten your username... How to Install MySQL Server 5.6 on Windows 7 Development Machine Installing MySQL on Windows 7 is easy when you follow the guidelines for downloading the... How to Install VPN on a VPS Server Using CentOS 6 In a VPS server, you can lease out some of the resources of a physical server which is run by the... How to Make a Website with Drupal Drupal is the third most popular content management system to build websites after WordPress and... How to Migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS You may have started your website on a shared hosting but after a certain stage, it will require... How to Order Additional IP Addresses IP stands for Internet Protocol and the IP address is therefore the congregation of numbers which... How to Pick the Right CMS for Your Website? Content management system is an important technology that every business owner should consider... How to Protect a CentOS 7 Server in 3 Simple Steps When a CentOS server has been successfully installed it is important to be able to make it more... How to Start a Web Hosting Company? One of the easiest ways of making money online is to start a hosting company. To get the feel of... How to Upgrade a Server You can upgrade a server at any time by contacting your host. If you find your website slowing... How to Upload Files to a Web Server When you have successfully created web pages you will need to upload these online on a web... How to Use Bitcoins to Buy Hosting Services What is Bitcoin?   A Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency where high level of encryption... How to Use PuTTY on Windows You may download this free open-source software on your Windows from its download page. When you... How to become R3esolution Reseller Partner Reseller hosting, also known as reseller website hosting is popular business model which allows... How to build a web hosting server To create your own web hosting server below mentioned steps are required to be followed:Step... How to choose web hosting Step 1 : You might be aiming to choose a new web host for your existing or new website. Although... How to configure a remote access server On configuring a remote access server, you can access to multiple computers at the same time... How to download the backup of website It is a disaster if you wake up one good morning only to find that your hosting service has... How to host an AngularJS application in domain The AngularJS refers to a structural framework which has been mainly designed for dynamic web... How to install Apache server on CentOS Apache is an HTTP server. It can be used for multiple operating systems. CentOS is one of these... How to install phpBB on Web Server Among all bulletin board applications, phpBB is the most extensively sought after solution. It is... How to install the apache web server on a windows PC The Apache web server is a popular and widely used application that is highly compatible for a... How to make a dedicated Minecraft server? Are you thinking of setting up Minecraft server? Well, setting up a Minecraft server on Linux is... How to obtain small business web hosting The rising trend of Internet shopping and emergence of smart phones has made it indispensable for... How to pick a good web hosting service Web hosting industry is attaining new heights due to the rise in number of business set-ups. Be... How to pick the best data center for your purposes Storage of data 'off-site' is the need of the hour. In order to do so, you need to choose a... How to process of Installation for the LAMP Stack system? This method helps us in knowing the process as to how we can actually do the installation of the... How to protect source code? It pays to get smart and protect your code from elements that are always looking for weak links... How to repair a database? A database is set of information that is well organized so that it can be accessed, managed, and... How to run a web server from your computer? A Web server or an Internet server is a system or a program, which deploys server/client model... How to set up a good e-commerce website? E-commerce as a business model began in the year 1991 when people starting purchasing and selling... How to set up a safe and secure web server Follow the below mentioned simple steps to set up a web server:- Arrange for a computer, as the... How to set up a virtual private network with windows Virtual Private Network or a VPN basically allows you, as a user, to access files and folders on... How to set your Host file on Windows What is a Host file?    A Host file serves the function of translating friendly host names into... How to transfer files from one linux server to another Transferring files from one server to another is inevitable in a multi-server Linux environment.... How to turn on IPv6 on other operating systems? Ubuntu operating systems are presently configured for IPv6; however the same is not applicable in... How to upload a website to a web host Once the website is designed, it needs to be uploaded on internet to make it visible for viewers.... IP Configuration Error in CentOS-6- x -VM-in- esxi – 6 CentOS, from Community Enterprise Operating System is a Linux distribution operating system. It... In FileZilla, how can the number of simultaneous connections to a server be restricted? FileZilla is configured by default to transfer more than five files at a time. This means, every... Migration from Shared to Dedicated Hosting Shared hosting is the most ideal option for new websites with low intensity traffic. This type of... Steps to Access Your Linux Reseller Hosting Package There are specific steps involved in accessing your reseller Linux hosting package. You can... Steps to whitelist an IP Address with Config Server Firewall Have you ever experienced the blocking of your IP address by a firewall? Are you aware of the... The procedure to blacklist an IP using ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) Blacklisting is a concept that allows users to block IP address from your server. To identify... Why You May Need Additional IP Addresses & How To Get Them A few dedicated server vendors allow you to request additional IP addresses for your server....
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