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The Hidden Secrets of Cloud

The cloud is essentially a dark pool of computational power, and that mystery can lull us into complacency. Here's what you might not know about keeping your data secure in the cloud.

The promise of cloud computing is irresistible. For a nominal fee, you can spin up a server, create backups with a click, and forget about hardware maintenance. But with convenience comes a loss of control. Behind the scenes, there are concerns worth considering.

The Same Security Issues Persist

Cloud instances run the same operating systems as standalone servers, making them susceptible to similar vulnerabilities. Bugs in operating systems can compromise cloud instances just as they would on physical servers.

There's an Additional Layer Beyond Your Control

Cloud instances often include an additional layer of software below the operating system, which operates beyond your control. This undocumented layer could potentially access and manipulate your data.

The Staff Don't Work for You

Cloud providers boast dedicated support and security teams, but these teams don't report to your organization. Communication with them is often impersonal and may not address your specific concerns.

You have no idea who is on your machines

Sharing hardware in the cloud means relinquishing control over who else is using the same infrastructure. While it's likely harmless users, there's a risk of sharing resources with malicious actors.

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