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Amazon web service(AWS) is a cloud hosting platform where any amount of data can be stored easily. The data storage process and accessing efficiency is high as the data is retrieved via internet connectivity. Amazon cloud front is an application of AWS to enable the users to experience uninterrupted data exchange. We provide expertise in web hosting services related to amazon web front to companies. The advanced online cloud hosting services provide benefits to the organization such as fast processing of data. Our goal is to provide these services at a reasonable price to benefit the users.


Free Tier

  • 50 GB of data transfer out
    (12 months free)
  • 2,000,000 HTTP or HTTPS Requests
    (Each month for one year)

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Amazon CloudFront charges are based on actual usage of the service in four areas:

  • Data Transfer Out
    (12 months free)
  • HTTP/HTTPS Requests
  • Invalidation Requests
  • Field Level Encryption Requests
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Discounted Pricing

For customers who are willing to make certain minimum traffic commits (typically 10 TB/month or higher)

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Fast & global

Congested internet traffic leads to delayed retrieval and exchange of information thereby affecting the time. This adversely impacts the impression of the company over its clients. The unobstructed notion of services sways the overall rank of the organization on a global level that can lead to severe consequences. Amazon cloud front ensures the fast delivery of services. Therefore, the delivery of services is clinched within the stipulated deadline. The fast and remote accessibility of services allows the company to deliver quick and efficient services.

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Security at the Edge

The data and information of the organization is the most essential and confidential part of their assets. This data needs to be protected from any theft at any cost. Even during the exchange of data between different platforms, the information is at great risk of theft. The data stored on the cloud is guarded under Amazon's high-security surveillance. Therefore, the credibility of data security is highly assured. Our Amazon cloud front services also have the features of assured data security.

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Highly programmable

The flexible interface of the amazon cloud front serves as an advantage to the company. The features and applications can be customized as per the requisites of the company. The complexity of the system gets improved with the help of customization. Users use this ability of amazon cloud front service to transform the features of the software to gain maximum compatibility. The programmability of Amazon cloud front service serves as an advantage to interconnect automation interfaces like DevOps and CI/CD.

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Deep integration with AWS

Amazon cloud front gives access to several other services such as amazon route 53, amazon S3, elastic load balancing, etc. This advantage is achieved by the deep integration of these services in an interconnected manner. The interconnection of various platforms can help in taking advantage of different kinds of services. This service of amazon cloud front service will enable the user to access various integrated services with one device also. The deep integration of various features saves the time and cost consumed on the different services individually.

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