Hybrid Cloud

Get the best out of AWS & Azure, combined with exceptional private cloud performance.

Cloud Based Solutions

R3E Solutions Hybrid cloud

Flexible and versatile hybrid cloud solutions for your business problems. Our company provides you hybrid class solutions to your business-related problems and helps you to take your business at a higher level.

On-Demand Scalability

Hybrid cloud integrates the public cloud model and offers total control of security and systems. It manages the varying IT demands with great flexibility.


Hybrid cloud keeps your private and sensitive information remains safe and secure. The same information is stationary and in motion at the same time.


When there are unexpected and unwanted spikes, hybrid cloud scales up or down depending upon the data management needs.

Swift migration

Hybrid cloud allows enterprises to use different cloud models depending upon their websites and applications.

Cost- effective

Hybrid cloud is cost-effective. It deduces input-output cost and helps to manage intensive workloads. Also, it can manage the stationary and moving data at the same time.


Hybrid cloud is the most reliable and suitable solution for your business problems. It always remains ready to manage your data.


It manages all security policies and rapidly deploys built-in security controls. It also predicts and prevents future attacks on data.

Whats you need to know

Other benefits provided by hybrid clouds are

In case you are not convinced yet!

You get centralized private infrastructure.

It helps you identify emerging cloud opportunities.

It helps you to meet your most particular management needs also.

It combines the benefits of private and public clouds.

It allows you to continue using existing premises or collocated IT investments.

When you have to manage a heavy workload, and there are chances of spikes, the hybrid cloud is the most suitable option.

A hybrid cloud is helpful when any business has to run diverse applications.

Using a hybrid cloud helps you to access your private data and you can replicate it before transferring it to the recovery site.

Other types of website security.

Take the next step towards comprehensive security by preventing your website from being attacked, check out these products below to learn more about how GD can help you keep hackers out.

Public Cloud

  • Support for spikey traffic
  • Burst Capacity
  • Consumption-based billing

Hostway Virtual private Cloud

  • Single-tenant environment that maximizes resource availability
  • Highly-configurable SW and HW
  • Ideal for high IOP databases and compute-intensive apps

Hostway Hybrid Cloud

Affordable and effective backup and recovery in the cloud with the flexibility to spin up when necessary

Whether your hybrid cloud incorporates a dedicated infrastructure, private cloud, public cloud, or all three, we’ve invested in comprehensive expertise, network infrastructure, and user interfaces that will allow you to run your apps wherever they run best. Our support also includes:

Secure Access & Control

  • Multi-cloud control panel to view and control all your environments
  • Secure, dedicated network connectivity between public and private clouds inside of Hostway|HOSTING’s data centers via Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect
  • Seamless transition between public, private, and dedicated resources

Money-Saving Efficiencies

  • 2-3X less expensive than cloud-only solutions
  • Faster, more predictable performance
  • A cost savings of up to 70% on bandwidth charges
  • Rapid scalability of hyperscale public cloud without the cost
  • Provisioning, installation, configuration, and connection service

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