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Microsoft Azure Cloud


Microsoft Azure is one of the best possible apps to meet all your business needs. The software has made business simpler by allowing employers to look into a unique resource where app development, deployment, and management are unified. It is therefore very important for people to handle this which has made people hire professionals to handle their Azure account. This is where we come to your rescue and we at R3E solutions work to make everything that you think possible.


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The Solution We Offer

At R3E solutions, we work to make sure that our customer is at total ease and that he doesn’t have to worry about anything. We work to ensure that our clients can earn their deserved success and that they don’t have to worry about much, we take care of their needs pertaining to cloud hosting for all businesses that are seeking dependability in their career graph.

We are a firm dedicated to your business and we provide various services to help you with it. We customize the architecture based on your infrastructure and ensure that we provide you the best possible fit for your business.

Alibaba Cloud, Amazon web service cloud is a big part of our family and helps us reach any part of the globe with you, by managing this software for your ease. Oracle, SAP, Kubernetes are also platforms that are available as cloud platforms with us.

As leaders in cloud hosting and management, we offer services to handle clouds of various types ranging from hybrid, multi, public, and private types. We also provide services of application for solutions of big data management, e-commercee, web content, to name a few.

Our ideas of open stack platforms have taken the world by a storm and have proven to be effective wherever they are used. We have flourished over the years, and have constantly provided innovative options for you to feast on.

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The Services We Provide

Rackspace offers you fully Managed Hosting as actually you get specialized experts from the company to create the managed hosting category to run on your infrastructure. The managed services, Managed infrastructure and exclusive networking and data centers with 24x7x365 support is cherry on the cake.

We have Managed cloud service: “You choose from various clouds; we will manage it for you is what we believe in”. As we will provide exclusive cloud hosting service experts to your organization.

We are a leader in cloud platform operations. Majorly we cover the hybrid, multi, public and Private types of Cloud.

We provide application service for the solutions such as Business intelligence, Ecommerce, Web content and Data management.

Security and compliance is a business need and we completely respect this thought of any business. So with us you just watch your business, we will watch your Data security.

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The Platforms We Manage

A completely managed and dedicated service exclusively designed for your business. The solution Expert will design a customized design of architecture for your critical applications and providing you best fit as per industry standard.

Alibaba cloud is with us: We can help you to reach any part of the world as we have our presence globally. Expansion of your business to China and beyond with Alibaba Cloud can be easily done. We have 6 international data center regions and 1200+ CDN nodes for best connectivity.

Amazon Web service cloud is powerfully managed by our engineers and experts regularly.

Oracle, SAP, Kubernets are also present with us as Cloud platforms.

The Open stack platform which was invented by us only is doing remarkably wonderful in managing the Public and private cloud.

We have flourished from cloud pioneers to Industry Innovators by working on email platforms such as exchange, office 365 and Rackspace email.

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