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Mobility, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), Application Store

Cloud Based Solutions


Getting services of private cloud hosting for your company is not a big fight. The main issue is about how you choose your hosting service and how it serves its purpose in your business. You should ensure that the company that you choose is capable to provide you solutions based on your infrastructure and this is where R3E solutions prevail. We make sure that we curate personalized solutions based on your demands and requirements.

Automated provisioning

We ensure that you are continuously the supreme master of your data and information. To maintain it, we allow you to have provisions of handling your data and supervising it, unlike other firms. Through our software, our private cloud system ensures that we can automatically provision data and enable it in the form of hosted Microsoft exchange, updates, new applications, new configurations, and virtual desktop environments.


It is very crucial to choose an infrastructure that suits your needs. Therefore, our firm enables you to set the tone of your infrastructure as you prefer it depending upon your business. You can allow your clients to cherish the cloud hosting and become cloud hosts, without any initial costs of infrastructure whatsoever, wherever Azure is available.

End user experience

The user experience has always been smooth because this involves no effort but at all. You can simply access your cloud over any easy platform like an HTML5 web browser and can do so without any add-ons to install. You don't have to undergo lengthy processes that consume a lot of time but can do so extremely easily. You can also use multiple clouds in one hardware and can simultaneously operate it as a normal system, without fret.

Administration experience

You can also manage an IT firm easily using these solutions using a simple portal that allows you to. You can customize the features associated with a user depending upon the needs of a user particular. When a user is created, simultaneously an account is associated with him/ her that allows you to maintain a record for him in particular and further allows you to set up options for a user in particular such that it can be customized as per the need and can be used to track the record of a user. You can also maintain the hardware setting provisions and can ensure the hardware the user uses as well. Everything is therefore provisioned.
Whats you need to know


Getting services of private cloud hosting for your company is not a big fight. The main issue is about how you choose your hosting service and how it serves its purpose in your business.

Mobility: You can significantly cut down on your migration costs by opting for software that enables you to access other hardware virtually. This means that you can use the windows, mac or another OS of another hardware at the ease of HTML5 web browser.

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure): Since everything is defined for a user, in particular, data security and productivity will be enhanced when people can access their personal systems that only contain their work and nothing else. This helps them focus on themselves thereby boosting productivity and ensures that your data is safe with you.

Application Store: Authorized users can enjoy customizing their environment by the use of simple applications and use of stores that sell these applications, by getting them for free. You can easily get business based applications that make your work easier.

Monitoring: The infrastructure used in the premises of the data center for a user can be monitored and authorized. This enhances your total physical and virtual experience in the infrastructure and helps you troubleshoot problems easily.

Virus and Malware Protection: We also provide services of anti-virus and anti-malware that are installed in every hardware.

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